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Qualitative research

Clear insight into relevant customer needs: that is what Claro Research stands for. It will take these needs, translate them in terms of relevant marketing topics for your business, and then provide you with clear-cut strategic advice, all based on qualitative online and offline research.

Claro Research was founded in 2003 by Barbara Stephanus.


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Training Interview techniques

Do you sometimes conduct interviews with customers yourself, but do you find that you are not (yet) achieving the maximum result? That there is more to it … deeper needs, richer answers … that will ultimately take you further in your marketing or policy issue?

Then follow a training interview techniques for moderating focus groups at Claro Research. To become more proficient in leading both focus groups and single interviews in qualitative research.


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Marketing training for researchers

You are skilled in conducting interviews and focus groups for qualitative research. But the translation of research results into meaningful marketing advice … that is (still) a real challenge.

Claro Research provides marketing training for qualitative researchers. Participants receive a framework for applied marketing, with an explicit role for proposition development. In order to bridge the gap from customer input and needs to strategic and practical marketing advice. Marketing made simple, which is what the Claro Marketing Training stands for.