About Claro

Claro Research Barbara StephanusBarbara Stephanus (1971) started her career as a teacher/researcher at the Faculty for Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. She continued her career as a qualitative researcher at Millward Brown, where she worked for clients in the FMCG industry and Business Services for five years.

Subsequently, she moved to employment agency Randstad, where she worked as a business researcher, responsible for both ad hoc and continuous qualitative and quantitative research.

Barbara founded Claro Research (then Stephanus Research) in 2003. She now works and lives in Amsterdam.

“During my studies in Communication Science I became enthusiastic about research. The course suits me; I am curious, very interested in human motives and I find it a challenge to understand people, customers, consumers. And then translate these customer needs into strategic and practical advice.

I find it almost even more fun to transfer this knowledge to junior / senior researchers and everyone who is going to conduct an interview for qualitative research. If I can transfer my enthusiasm about the profession to others, and provide them with the tools to further develop their work, I have succeeded as a trainer. ” 

Claro Research is a member of the Marktonderzoekassociatie (Market Research Association) and endorses the delivery conditions as drawn up by the MOA.