Marketing Training for Researchers

marketing training claro researchClaro Research provides in-company marketing training for junior and mid-level qualitative researchers. This training sets out essential marketing principles in a clear and concise manner, thus improving the trainee’s ability to translate customer needs into marketing advice.

The course consists of four part days, with the following themes:

  1. Strategy
  2. Consumer
  3. Concept
  4. Marketing mix

At the heart of the course is the means-end chain, also known as the ‘ladder’, the basis of positioning. During the course, theory and practice go hand in hand: participants will get to work with the material themselves, both during the course and in preparation for the sessions.

Want to know more about what Claro Marketing Training can do for your business? You can request the brochure here or call: +31 (0)6-42239669, Barbara Stephanus.

“I still benefit from Barbara's training sessions on a daily basis. As a Consumer Psychologist, I entered the profession, so I didn't really have a good marketing basis. The Claro Marketing Training gave me many insights and tools: from making a good proposition to understanding the framework from which marketers think. The enthusiasm and experience with which Barbara communicates knowledge is great With many interactive elements and practical cases to bring the material to life. ”

Laura Birker - qualitative researcher Birker Research and Founder "You, Me & Food"

marketing training claro research