Training Interview techniques

A good interview stands or falls with the skills of the moderator; and of course with genuine interest in your target group. In the training interview techniques for moderating focus groups in qualitative research you learn:

  • Open to listen to your customer
  • Ask the right questions and ask about deeper needs
  • Immediately applicable interview techniques
  • Steer a focus group in the right direction

In a mix of theory and practice you receive countless tools and tips for conducting an interview. So that you can work confidently and with a solid foundation as a moderator. And can successfully lead an interview or focus group.

We offer the following training courses:

  • Training interview techniques for moderating focus group
    • What? A one-day training course in which you learn basic skills for conducting an interview for qualitative research: single interviews and focus groups. A balanced mix of theory and practice, with many tips and tricks. You practice on your fellow students that day.
    • Who is it for? An in-company training for approx. 10-15 people. Suitable for anyone who sometimes conducts interviews for qualitative research, or wants to start doing that.
  • Master class interview techniques for moderating focus groups
    • What? An intensive training of 2 days – based on, for example, a current or fictional research case:
      1. Phase 1 // the basis: good research starts with the right basis, the right research question. In this phase you learn everything about briefing, research objectives, selection of respondents, stimulus material and discussion guide. In short, everything you need to conduct a good qualitative interview.
      2. Phase 2 // the interview: in this phase you will undergo extensive practice with single interviews and leading focus groups with real respondents. With many tips and tricks that you can apply right away, great practical examples and feedback that you can use further. You also learn to use creative and projective techniques to bring out more unconscious feelings.
    • Who is it for? In-company training for smaller groups (approx. 6 people), with much individual coaching. For marketers, policy makers or junior / senior researchers who are looking for depth and want to take their research skills to the next level.

Reporting training
Optionally, the master class can be expanded with reporting training. Reporting qualitative research results is a profession in itself. In this day course you learn basic skills for analysing and reporting customer responses in qualitative research.

Trainer: Barbara Stephanus
The training and master class interview techniques for moderating focus groups in qualitative research are given by Barbara Stephanus; enthusiastic trainer with over 20 years of experience as a qualitative researcher in commercial branches (retail, media, FMCG, financial and business services, automotive, personal care) and the non-profit sector. She uses her rich knowledge and experience to teach participants the tricks of the trade.

In larger groups, Barbara works with senior trainers, all from research practice. They know the tricks of the trade and can provide many practical examples.

"With her enthusiasm and expertise, Barbara has taught us the principles of exploratory research. Thanks to her training and coaching on the job, we as marketers are now much better able to enter into discussions with our customers, to listen well and to interpret what they say.”

Esther Sanders, proposition marketer SNS

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